1000 words Assignment

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Consumer feedback often drives change in a business’ marketing plan. Social media has increased the opportunities for consumer feedback to be made and for businesses to be more aware of the consumer reactions to their products or services.


For this assignment, find and attach to your submission a screenshot or visual of a company’s social media message with the consumer feedback. As a reminder, the visual information should be attached as a figure as per APA standards.

In your submission, do the following:

1. Analyzes and provides thorough details on how consumers’ feedback may impact Amazon’s brand.

2. Analyzes the information that can be gained from consumer feedback (for example: emotions, appeal, dissatisfaction, demographics).

3. Provides thorough and viable recommendations on how this information can be analyzed to improve the marketing campaign.

Use a minimum of 3 recent references less than 3 years old

1000 words… References page required but not included in the word count….No cover page page…no Introduction… No conclusion…. Just a references page.


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