1- Identify the type of meeting, location, date and time you attended.

Meeting type: Al- anon meeting on Serenity Hour AFG. Location: Atonement Lutheran Church Annex.Date and Time Tuesday 4/11/2017 from 10am to 11am.

2-Describe one of the 12 steps and its usefulness to persons in their recovery.

Most of people in the meeting are alcoholism. Please Describe step number # 3 ” see the attachment”

3-Describe at least one aspect that you had in common with the persons you “met” in the rooms of AA.

There is no aspect in common. However most of them are trying to change their life to be better. As me, I always try to have better life. ” please add thought in this”

4- SAMHSA published a definition of recovery of mental disorders and

Substance use disorders. Choose one of the Guiding Principles of Recovery and describe how you observed this principle in action at the 12 Step meeting you attended. The definition can be found at:


Please answer these 4 questions above and follow the rubric that i attached.

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