16 slide powerpoint on Does obesity increase the risk of premature death?

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Contemporary Issues Group Presentation Assignment

1. Groups of 2 – 4 students (depending upon enrollment) will be assigned at the beginning of the 2nd Module for this project. Each group will be assigned a topic/ issue from the textbook that is not included in the weekly readings/weekly assignments. The group will be responsible for providing a more in-depth look at their assigned issue. One copy of your presentation will be submitted to the Drop Box and one copy is to be posted in the Presentation Discussion Forum for review and feedback from your peers.

2. Your group will be responsible for presenting the following in a 15–16 Power Point presentation: • Title Slide (with all members listed, course/number, date, title) • Introduction/explanation of the issue, including the goal of the presentation and objectives, and why it is a controversial topic) [Review the page on Smart Goals and Objectives!] • Evidence supporting the pro side • Evidence supporting the con side • Rebuttal statements from the pro side (rebut the con arguments) [i.e. you might start your rebuttal with a statement such as, Although those who disagree with (whatever the issue or positive stance is) might argue that………………………, the evidence clearly presents that the opposite is true] • Rebuttal statements from the con side (rebut the pro arguments) [see the bullet suggestion immediately above] • Summary of the issues, support, opposition • Implications / future directions • Conclusion • References – in APA format, including all graphics and images

Other requirements: • Indicate the name of the developer of each slide (either on the slide itself, or in the notes section) • Use the notes section to fill in the gaps in information – do not crowd your slides or produce slides that appears as paragraphs (required) • NOTE: you are required to communicate in the group specific discussion forum as you develop your presentation. I will monitor your interactions, and I expect to see your professional communication, problem solving and teamwork skills throughout the process! Review the rubric to see how your professionalism and communication skills will be integrated into your grade for the project. • Include, at a minimum, 5 references in addition to the textbook reading. Your references must be from scholarly, multidisciplinary sources – for example, peer reviewed journals – and must have been published within the last 5 years. Do not simply Google your topic and use a variety of websites/webpages. You may use only one textbook as a resource. Be sure to coordinate your resources among your group so that your references meet the requirements of the assignment and do not overlap. Your grade will be enhanced by the quality, applicability, and effective use of the outside resources. [Seek assistance with HEC Library staff for assistance in finding evidence based resources if needed]

3. It is up to your group how you divide up the work for this project. I would suggest you agree upon a LEADER immediately, and then have each member take a particular piece(s) of the presentation. It is critical that you communicate regularly as a team in the group topic-specific discussion forums about your progress. Members who do not participate will receive a 0 for the assignment. Members who do not participate fully will receive a reduced grade for the assignment (determined by completed Peer Review sheets and group emails to instructor).

4. Your presentation will be graded using the Group Assignment Rubric. Work together as a team to develop a presentation that is creative, well organized, well written and professionally polished. Choose the information that you include in your presentation wisely – do not simply crowd a lot of information on each slide. Creativity will enhance your grade, but do not turn your presentation into a graphic or cartoon slide show. Appropriate use of graphics/images are allowed if they add to the quality/information/eye appeal of your presentation. Make your presentation worthy of presenting to a group of professionals in the health field.

5. Develop 15-16 slides for the content of your slideshow – title page and references do not count toward the total. Remember, more information is not necessarily better. Less is not necessarily good. It is more about quality and relevance of the slides and the presentation.

6. Edit your presentation carefully and confirm that you have included the appropriate and correctly formatted citations and references (APA 7th Edition). Thorough editing and proofing are critical steps in this assignment!

7. In order to receive a grade for this assignment, each member must complete and turn in a Peer Review sheet. Do not forget to respond to at least two other presentations during the week in the Presentation Forum.

8. When grading your presentations I will be looking for clear, relevant and current evidence that your group thoroughly researched the topic, clearly articulated the basis for the controversy and the alternative views, supported both sides of the argument/controversy with evidence and provided rational rebuttals to both, provided a clear summary, and presented a professional quality slide show. Your presentation is due by midnight Thursday of Module 7 One copy of the presentation is to be posted in the Presentation Forum for peers to read and make comments, and one copy is to be submitted to the Presentation Drop Box for the instructor to grade.


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