Great goal strategies

SES 465 – LAB #1B

Name: _Antonella_______________ Date: __________

Complete the following Skill-Builder Exercises during the LAB session. Then submit the completed work by either taking a picture or scanning the pages. Make sure to post the document on Canvas to receive points for attendance and participation in the Module LAB session.

*Note points will be deducted if the assignment is not submitted before the weekly module information is due on Thursday before 11:59 PM.

(located on page 24-25 in your textbook)


What I learned from these exercises is the difference managements skills that leaders should apply to be a great leader. I was also able to apply this knowledge with real life experience with pass managers and was able to detect what they were good at and what they were failing to do to be considered a great leader.

After experiencing a good and bad boss, I believe that the difference between good and poor managers are their ability to communicate, lead, and build trust with the people who are working with them.

Did not monitor his employees

Clearly told everyone’s role and made sure they followed instructions

Not a great role model

Lead by example

Planned sessions last minute

Planned ahead training sessions

Poor goals

Great goal strategies

Came up with creative solutions

Bad decision making

Did not listen to others

Great listener and showed empathy

Did not know what she was doing

Very good training and very smart


Information gathered from the Textbook Applied Sport Management Skills 1 | Page

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