1950 magazine

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try to link each of the four topics to fashion at the time/ rebilon

Step 1: Choose four topics from the list below. Eventually, you will write a short article for each topic you choose.

  • The Baby Boom
  • The Growth of the Suburbs
  • Increased Consumerism
  • The Influence of Television
  • Automobiles and the Highway System
  • The Birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll

For now, write a one-sentence description for each topic you chose.

Step 2: Write an editor’s note.

Some magazines have comments from the editor, which sometimes consist of a story, comment, or reflections on a particular subject. Write an editor’s note for your magazine. The following are some ideas; feel free to use one, or think of something original.

  • Your personal impression of the 1950s in the form of a poem or song (with an explanation before or after)
  • A fifties family (this could be someone you know personally or based on what you’ve read on the websites)
  • A fun fad or craze that you read about
  • People who did not share in the prosperity of the 1950s

Step 3: Choose an image to accompany your editor’s note.

Step 4: Using word processing or presentation software, create pages 2 and 3 of your magazine using your four topics, descriptions, editor’s note, and image. Alternatively, you can create these pages directly in the Graded Assignment sheet. Here is an example.


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