2 assignments to do

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hallo there I have 2 assignments that I want you to do . if you have any questions please ask

first assignment: wellness action plan

Your assignment is to use the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, the strategies for wellness and academic success, and the Transtheoretical Model to create a personal Wellness Action Plan. (use the questions below as a guide)

The first step in determining your Wellness Action Plan involves asking yourself some questions. Start with a list of things that you want to improve. Choose a specific item from your list to focus on.

Your Path to Change
1. What do you need to do?
2. What needs to change in your life for you to accomplish your desire? State the change as specifically as you can.
For example, you might state your goal as: I want to increase my daily activity.

Your Committed Path to Change
What are you making a commitment to do?
Choose an initial step that is easy and doable and that will get you moving. Similar to a map, chart your course to your chosen desire. Create strategies that are challenging without being too much.
a. Be specific
b. Write down what you will do and by when
c. Write down how you will measure your success

For example, if you want to increase daily activity, your list might include using an app to track calories burned, drinking more water, walking to class, and going to group fitness classes at the gym 3 times a week. In terms of deadlines, you might say that you will make an appointment with for a free Fitness Equipment Orientation at the Campus Rec fitness center within two weeks and that you will go to one group exercise class before the end of the week. You might measure your success by drinking 8 glasses of water everyday and doing 30 minutes of physical activity at least five days out of the week.

Challenges to Your Change What are you up against?

1. List the obstacles that are in your way or you believe could prevent you from reaching your desired destination.
For example: When I have a lot of schoolwork, I neglect my physical activity.

Strategies to Meet the Challenges How can you overcome the hurdles in your way?
1. Create specific strategies to help you make adjustments in your life or avoid things that will hold you back.
For example: When I’m under deadlines for tests, I will make my activity shorter, but I will not skip it.

Sources of Support
1. Who can share this journey with you and support you?
2. Who can you count on for encouragement and accountability?

For the second Assignment

Choose a specific wellness concern or goal that college students might have based on the eight dimensions of wellness. Identify which dimension of the wellness wheel this concern relates to (emotional, environmental, social, occupational, financial, intellectual, physical, or spiritual). . (You can find additional wellness resources here: http://www.usf.edu/student-affairs/wellbeing/health-topics/index.aspx (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)

3-5 sentences describing the wellness goal or concern, the dimension of the wellness wheel it relates to, and either a strategy for working towards the goal or a resource at USF that can help with this goal.

Example: Physical Wellness – Improving Sleep – If someone who wants to sleep better, he can pick up a sleep pack from the USF Wellness Center located in the Marshall Student Center. The pack includes ear plugs, an eye mask, sleepy-time tea, and tips for improving sleep. Making sure to only use your bed for sleep (not studying or watching tv) can help you get to sleep better too.


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