long term strategies and globalization presentation

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to offer students the opportunity to investigate their understanding of how globalization affects a company’s strategic plan. Additional objectives include allowing students to assess the effectiveness of strategic alliances in the growth process of a company and to understand the necessity for innovation to create a sustainable long-term organizational environment. The students will also identify how organizational structures facilitate company growth and controls in the global environment.

Assignment Steps

Create a 5- to 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation (excluding the title slide and references slide) and address the following topics:

  • Discuss the three types of innovation and how each type can contribute to long-term strategic growth.
  • Identify three Organizational Structures best suited for optimal global operations.

Cite two (2) scholarly references

case study project managment mgt323

please see the attached assignment.

Read The Case and answer.

present a forecast of clinic visits for week XX

Using the Northern College Health Services data presented on page 113 of your textbook, present a forecast of clinic visits for week XX using Extrapolation by Moving Averages and also using Extrapolation by Exponential Smoothing. Which of these approaches will provide the best forecast in your view, and why? 

Your response should be at least 200 words in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.p 113.docx 

computer build manual part 2

You will provide a comprehensive and detailed manual documenting the step-by-step process for building a computer

The manual will be used by entry-level technicians, so it should be clear, concise, and formatted using the IEEE citation style,

Your manual should be similar to step-by-step instructions on How to Change the Oil in Your Car. Note carefully how in this example, not only is each step described individually, and in detail, but also there is a visual representation of each step. You should model your submission along the same lines. Keep in mind that your manual will be used as a guide for new technicians.

The manual should provide detailed instructions on how to build an actual computer for a potential customer:

“Drag the motherboard from the shelf to the motherboard plate in the system case.”

“After properly grounding yourself, pick up the motherboard and place it inside the area where the motherboard will sit in the case. Align the screw holes on the motherboard with the screw holes on the case. Use appropriate screws to mount the motherboard inside the case, making sure not to scratch the surface of the motherboard.”

PC Build & Manual Part 2:

6. Installing Hard Drive
7. Installing Optical Drive
8. Installing Video Card
9. Connecting Monitors, Keyboard, and Mouse
10. BIOS Configuration

In addition to including the sections listed below, your manual should

  • address the environment in which the computer build will take place. For example, what are the best practices when working in a carpeted room?
  • not use computer jargon. Although the manual will be used to train new technicians, it may also be used by someone with limited computer knowledge, so the manual must be easy to understand.
  • include explanations on methodology. For example, why is it important to use an antistatic grounding bracelet when working with the computer? Or why is it important to install memory sticks in pairs?

for the citation we were told to use the following:





Just to name a few.

components of a research study

Article : Stavrianopoulos, T. (2012). The development of patient safety culture. Health Science Journal, 6(2), 201. Retrieved from: UoP library

Define the problem –

2. Identify the purpose. –

3. What are the study variables?

4. Identify the research question and/or hypothesis.

5. Research Methodology, Design, and Analyses

6. Findings

7. Conclusion

8. Cite the peer-reviewed article you selected for this assignment.

Format your reference section and references used in your prompts according to APA guidelines.

. In the team forum, discuss the research study and different steps or components addressed in the study.

Complete the Questions to Prompt Critical Thinking worksheet. Please do not use direct quotes. All responses must be in your own words.

NB : Please pay close attention to question 3. What are the study variables? and

4. Identify the research question and/or hypothesis. to discuss in detail.

Thank you.

positive intelligence 2

Utilizing knowledge of positive intelligence to understand group members to get highest possible performance in group assignments

refer to the diagram of f x shown below for the two questions

Refer to the diagram of f(x) shown below for the two questions.

2 3 paragraphs cited and 3 reply 2 3 sentences each

Professional mentorship has been identified as an important component of professional engagement, professional growth, and advancement. Consider your own professional journey. Has a mentor shaped your professional advancement? Share a mentor experience from your personal or professional life. What benefits did the experience offer you? How might you mentor other providers seeking to advance in your discipline?

You can mention an instructor in nursing school or a nurse that I oriented with.

what is the answer to the given question

Week 1 – Journal

Reflection and Response

Using the examples from Chapter 5 in your primary text as models, write a poem that incorporates repetition, either as anaphora or otherwise. You might begin by freewriting from a single, repeated word. That word might be “You,” “We,” “If,” or “Who;” it might be “Don’t” or “Please,” but whatever it may be, consider its effect when it becomes the hub for each line of your poem. What does that word evoke as it compounds?

This journal should be at least one full page in length, and formatted in double-spaced text, APA style. For APA style guidance and information, visit the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

scientific writing discussion 6

What would you cite to defend the actions of a prosecutor during cross-examination? How does trial preparation assist or detract from effective courtroom testimony? Does an expert really need to be an expert? What qualifies them as such?

Please answer in at least 500-words. APA formatting.