3 Short paragraphs

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1. paragraph: Write a paragraph on this topic.

The marketplace can impact competitiveness and profitability. Describe your view on how best to maintain an acceptable level of sustainability and the primary tools/resources available to you.

2. paragraph: Read the post and write your responses.

“The best way to maintain an acceptable level of sustainability in the competitive marketplace, would be to grow you company so that you are able to make a name for you and the company’s reputation. Retaining the proper staff and customers would also add value to the sustainability of the company. Being able to understand and relate to the community about current topics and situations could prove valuable in a marketplace where it is competitive and profitable. Having a strong purpose of why you do what you do could help guide and drive growth consistency(Hoque, 2015). Lastly being able to change with the times and continuously innovate your products for future generations will prove the company’s vision and competitiveness. The primary tools and resources that could be available would be the partnerships you develop with the growth of the business or company.”

3. paragraph: Read the post and write your responses.

“Marketplaces have always been competitive places, driven primarily by profitability. In order to maintain an acceptable level of sustainability, you have to create a product or a need where there was none before. In order to successfully create this product/need, you would need the right vision, the right people to follow through with the vision, and the always necessary appropriate marketing to promote this product/need. For example, in my opinion, cars are a modern convenience, that some people would argue are a complete necessity. Prior to having cars, people travelled on horses, oxen, donkeys, and trains. All of the afore-mentioned modes of travel got people from point A to point B. There was no need to have cars, except for Karl Benz who thought that there was indeed a need, and thereby produced the first true gasoline powered automobile.

Technology is the resource that can have a significant impact on maintaining your level of sustainability. The more technology evolves, and the more your business evolves with technology, the better the chances of your business being successful in the future. The above holds true for all companies that have ‘kept up with the changing times’, such as Apple, General Motors, or Boeing, etc. Conversely, there are companies that are old and struggling because they have not been able to keep up with the times. A perfect example would be Sears trying to survive in the age of Amazon.”


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