Differentiate between a felony and a misdemeanor

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Answer each question. In 14size font. This is for a Criminal Justice course.

1. Differentiate between a felony and a misdemeanor.

2. Describe the types of diversion programs currently used.

3. List some of the problems with using bail as a requirement for release from jail pending prosecution.

4. Describe the Manhattan Bail Project and how it has expanded and influenced current detention practices.

5. List the pros and cons of plea bargaining.

6. List the five purposes of the presentence investigation.

7. What are economic sanctions and community service?

8. Differentiate between concurrent and consecutive sentences.

9. Describe how truth-in-sentencing legislation works.

10. Differentiate between judicial, administrative, and legislative forms of sentencing.

11. What are mandatory minimum sentences?

12. List the pros and cons of three-strikes laws.

13. Describe how sentencing guidelines work.

14. How do drug courts operate, and what are their advantages?

15. How do mental health courts operate, and what are their advantages?

16. Do you feel that the rehabilitation system in the Illinois Department of Corrections is effective in assisting offenders in reforming their criminal behavior and conduct?

17. What is the plea bargaining process? How does it work in the court system? Why alleged offenders are incline to plea bargain?

18. If a person is convicted of a capital crime, describe the hearing that is conducted to determine whether the person will receive the death penalty? What is meant by aggravating and mitigating circumstances in a death penalty hearing?

19. List six factors that a judge will consider in determining bail? Under what circumstances are judges inclined to set no bail for a defendant?

20. How should jails handle mentally ill inmates?

21. Do you feel that restorative justice programs are effective? If so, why?

22. Name five categories of jail offenders.

23. Describe the normal booking process in a jail.

24. What is an indeterminate sentence?

25. What are the sentencing options for the correctional system?

26. Explain the three strikes law.

27. What is a mandatory minimum sentence?

28. What is the purpose of the presenter investigation report?

29. List the categories of offenders housed in jails?

30. Discuss the challenges jails face with mentally ill inmates.

31. Explain rehabilitation, deterrence and incapacitation.

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