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1. Discuss the Atlantic Slave Trade. Describe the Middle Passage from Africa to the colonies. Specifically, describe the passage and answer who was taken from their homeland and why? Finally, state where most of these individuals ended up in the colonies?

2. How did Black soldiers shape the history of the United States politically, militarily and socially? Write an essay discussing black participation in the Revolutionary War. Discuss the effect this conflict had on African Americans.

3. Write an essay tracing the abolitionist movement in the United States, 1820 to 1860. To what, if any, degree did the movement contribute to the Civil War?

4. How did African Americans fare during Reconstruction? Was Reconstruction a failure or a success? In what areas were the rights and hopes of African Americans protected during the 1860s/1870s? What accomplishments or rights did African Americans gain during this era? How did White Supremacy approach and manipulate federal law during the era?


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