4 simple questions

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Provide well-developed and thoughtful answers by utilizing your analytic, interpretive, and critical thinking skills. Connect your answers to the broader social structure, ideologies, power relationships, sociological terms/concepts/theories, and to broader society overall. When appropriate please add an example and/or quote from the textbook to explain your answer.(if u need the textbook, contact me, I will give u a link for that)

1 Provide a cursory history of the U.S. education system. Furthermore, how does the origins of public education influence us today?

2 Provide a detailed example of each theoretical approach (i.e. functionalism, conflict, and symbolic interactionism) as it pertains to education. Start by explaining each theory’s view of education. Next, offer an example that highlights each theory’s perspective in relation to education. (Section 11.2).

3 When examining social inequality in the school system, racial segregation stands out as a recurring theme for many students. What was your high school demographics like? What impact did this have on your educational attainment? (Section 11.3 ).

4 What were some of the issues you faced during your college years? Describe 2 issues that directly impact you and provide specific solutions.


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