4. Create your Assignment submission using at least three scholarly references . Cite your sources using APA style as required. Check your spelling.


  1. Describe the range of proceedings in which protection of the Fifth Amendment privilege gives against self-incrimination and how they may be either invoked or waived. Cite a real life, high profile court case where a key witness, or even the defendant, invoked his or her Fifth Amendment right and how it affected the outcome of the case. Also explain the three requirements needed to trigger protection of the privilege against self-incrimination.
  2. Explain how the terms testimony and compelled are defined for purposes of the Fifth Amendment. Then describe in what situations a witness can be compelled to provide testimony that concerns his or her own criminal activity. Cite a real case that was in the news, if possible, where a person was compelled to testify
  3. Compare and contrast the distinctions between appearance evidence and bodily evidence, and give specific examples of each. Then explain what range of police procedures are involved in each type of evidence, and whether you think they are sound.
  4. Fourth Amendment requirements for highly intrusive bodily searches (i.e., searches that penetrate the body surface, result in extraction of bodily tissues or fluids, or involve significant pain, physical discomfort, or humiliation) are including when a search warrant is required and when it is excused by exigent circumstances. Explain your understanding of these circumstances and how you would react to a highly intrusive bodily search if you believed yourself to be innocent of a police accusation. Also include how you would change the requirements for such searches, if given the opportunity.

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