7 8 page literature paper

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Narrow research topics (discourse communities, if you will) and research interests to tangible research questions that will be fruitful for research. There are several ways you can do this, here are the most common:

-Ask question(s) about the history of your research topic

-Ask question(s) about its structure and composition

-Ask question(s) about how your topic is categorized

-Ask question(s) suggested by your sources

-Consider the “so-what” of your question — why should we care?

Good research questions are clear and direct in terms of what they ask. They are, also, quite a bit more. They are relevant, meaning that they ask questions that have a stake in the conversations of your discourse community (yes, this is all coming full circle). They are substantial and original in that they simply do not copy other questions already asked by research in the field (are you picking up on this yet?). Good research questions are consistent with assessment requirements of the field of study (here, field of study can be interchanged with discourse community). And lastly, good research questions are interesting and manageable in their scope. It is necessary here to include a little bit of realism into your work.

I have attached an example of a paper. Please try to write the paper accordingly.


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