7 to 10 slides of 5 minutes presentation for a recommendation report

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the presentation for the recommendation report attched.

Length and Number of Slides: 5-minute oral presentation using 7-10 slides

WHAT: Design and develop a 5-minute PPT Presentation that persuades your classmates to accept or consider the recommendations—and the criteria used to determine the recommendations—to the problem identified in your Recommendation Report.

On-ground sections of this course will conduct the PPT presentation in class for face-to-face audience members. Online sections of this course will add audio and appropriate slide-transition timing to the PPT and post it for viewing by Bb audience members.

HOW: Create a 5-minute PPT presentation using 7 to 10 slides.

 If you are taking the class on ground, prepare an oral presentation to deliver while showing your slides in class.

 Use color, organization, syntax, diction, style, and tone appropriate for your audience (your classmates) and subject.

 Locate, evaluate, and integrate information using revision strategies to demonstrate quality skills in writing, visual presentation, and audio/speaking.

 Ensure your PPT presentation

o Introduces the audience to the

1. purpose of the Recommendation Report

2. problems that motivated the Recommendation Report

o Discusses

1. criteria upon which Recommendation Report’s recommended solution(s) will be based

2. data/research findings

3. analysis of data against criteria

o Concludes with a

1. summary giving significance of findings and drawing conclusion based on data/findings in the Recommendation Report

2. recommendation for next steps or course of action to be taken based on discussion in the Recommendation Report

o Provides research references used in Recommendation Report


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