8 homework questions

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1. Select one of the following topics:

• Drug addiction
• Alcoholism
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Refer to the chart on page 103 in the textbook, and provide an explanation of one of the topics based upon the medical model of illness and the sociological model of illness.

2. Using your favorite search engine, research a disease or illness, and discuss how knowledge of the nature and causes of the disease has evolved over the years. Also, discuss how treatment for the disease has changed over the years.

3. What is the definition of a disability, and how does it differ from an illness? Using your favorite search engine, research a certain disability and discuss how the medical model of disability describes it, as well as the social model of disability.

4. Explain how illness or disabilities can affect an individual’s life. What are some ways that disabled individuals have learned to cope with their illness or disabilities?

5. Do you believe that there actually is a crisis in health care in the United States? Why, or why not? Give evidence to support your answer

6. Refer back to page 148 in the textbook to review the distinction between social stress and social drift. Identify a mental illness, and discuss whether it is caused by a social stress or a social drift. Defend your response with supporting facts and references in APA format.
7. What is managed care and how did it come to exist? How do you feel about managed care? Provide evidence supporting your opinion.
8. Discuss how the methods of treating mental illness have changed over the years. How is mental health viewed now compared to how it was viewed in pre-modern societies?


pg 103.jpg pg 148.jpg


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