a group reflection assay

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Working in teams is a requirement of everyday business practices, as future professionals it critical that you experience the opportunities and challenges of working with your peers. You will be required to submit a peerevaluation essay that will clearly describe your feedback working with you colleagues. In your submission please include the following:

1- Introduction

2- Describe your experiences to date and working in groups.

3- How did your group approach your presentation and writing your paper?

4- What steps did you take to develop plan?

5- What was your overall contribution?

6- Number of meeting sessions your group had (phone, in-person, blackboard, Skype etc.)

7- What things could you all have done differently?

8- What were the strengths of your group?

9- What did you learn about group dynamics?

10- Who was the major contributor and why?

11- Rate your own contribution to the group and explain why.

for question 10 put Amari


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