A Manufacturing Company with Quality Problems in Their Manufacturing Process

Final Project Guidelines Consultation Strategy Action Plan

To achieve a successful project experience and outcome for this course, you will create an original consultation strategy and action plan that brings together key concepts and methods to diagnose and address problems or issues identified in a specific case study. For your Final Project, you incorporate insights from this course in an examination of a case study using as a basis topics related to consulting for organizational change profiled in Weeks 2 through 11.

Submit the Final Project in the form of a 6 page paper.

After reading case study, your Final Project will include the following sections:

Section 1: Consultation Strategy Identify which case study you selected by number. Then, develop a consultation strategy to address the problems and/or issues identified in the case study. Include in your strategy the following:

· A description of your company or individual consulting skills that indicate that you are a good fit for the organization (e.g., practitioner traits and characteristics, areas of expertise, experience)

· The strategies you would use to approach the organization in order to present the company and/or individual consulting skills

· A sample contract that you develop that will clarify the consultation process based on a needs assessment

Section 2: Intervention Action Plan Include in your plan the following:

· A description and rationale of assessment tools you will use to determine/diagnose the issues

· The identification of interventions for change that you will implement based on your assessment(s) and why you chose these interventions

· A step-by-step implementation action plan that includes milestones and timelines

· A description of ethical dilemmas that could arise during the consultation and strategies to address the dilemmas

· The steps you will take to determine the effectiveness of interventions (i.e., evaluate the success of the interventions)

You will support your consultation strategy and action plan with evidence-based research from readings from this course and additional theoretical, empirical, and professional literature.

Case 1: A Manufacturing Company with Quality Problems in Their Manufacturing Process

McDoogle Manufacturing Company is a subsidiary of a large, multinational corporation. It was founded by Nick McDoogle in the early 1980s as a small niche manufacturing company with one client and specific expertise in making electronic components for extrusion molding. Nick had worked for a larger company, but when he realized he could replicate the technology for the marketplace, he borrowed money from the bank and went to work for himself. He was so successful that in 2004 he sold the company to a larger international company that specialized in manufacturing electronic components for various applications, although his company was able to keep its name. Since it was acquired, McDoogle Manufacturing has been having consistent problems meeting the quality standards its customers require. Many clients are complaining about the compatibility of parts with their current systems. After having done a good deal of analysis of the problem, McDoogle has decided that technology is NOT the problem. McDoogle Manufacturing has asked your consulting firm, which specializes in organizational assessment and intervention, to help find a solution to the problem.

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