A paragraph about news

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Part 1 (Your own Paragraph Post = 1 point): Click “reply” directly under this box and then write a paragraph in which you reflect (give your thoughts, opinions, observations, etc.) on anything you found interesting from the assigned readings for this theme and then relate it to a current event that you found in the news (you can use the news sources that are recommended on the syllabus). (Note: you will not be able to see any post from anyone else until you first post your own paragraph.) In your post, you must include at least one citation from the assigned readings for this theme in your paragraph. Your citation must include the authors’ names and page numbers.

Example: when citing to the Krutz textbook which you are assigned to read for the class, include a parenthetic citation to the book (meaning to put the citation containing the author’s name and page number within parentheses). It should look like (Krutz, page number).

If citing from any of the online links, just place the title of the link within parentheses, for example (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail).


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