a proposal for a company

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So I need a full detailed proposal for a new company. What hardware they’d use, software, servers, websites, costs, high availability, disaster recovery .. etc. I want everything in a so very deep detailed manner with calculating every single cost of every single things we have to add. With explaining why did we add this thing and why do we think it is better to add it. For example, why did you decide to add WSUS to the server of the company? What would we get from that? Also the details of the implementation would be appreciated as well. Like some specific configuration highlights. A lot of things are optional but still have to write them. For example, the email server of the company. Is it external or internal or both? Can employees use their emails to email people outside the company or not? It is up to you to choose but with explaining why and such. Attached are some documents that might be helpful understand it better. Just imagine a real new investor has asked you to design their new company. I need every single detail. However, for starts there are gonna be 5 departments of the company. IT, Finance, Human resources, Engineering, and Marketing. You also have to see what do they need, like specific software they might use and stuff. Please note this all would be a Microsoft environment. Means all operating systems are windows and every software has to be a Microsoft product. However, the hardware may be anything other than that. Like HP or Dell, for example. No specific format is required, as long as it is professional. Because everything is gonna be read by people who have no clue about IT. That’s why including costs is important.


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