a recovery report

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The report should include the following:

A. Recovery Project Scope Planning: Establish the recovery project scope plan and controls. What are the business requirements? What are the system requirements (software and hardware)? In establishing your project scope plan, you might consider these aspects:

1. Existing work breakdown structure

B. Recovery Project Cost Planning and Control: Establish a recovery cost control plan with strategies to help maintain prospective value of the new project with respect to expected expenditures and added business values. As you are developing your cost control plan, you could consider aspects such as these:

1. The cost–benefit analysis

2. The TCO

3. Budgeted vs. actual costs

4. The earned value of the recovery project

C. Recovery Project Quality Planning: Craft a recovery plan for ensuring quality of the recovery project outcomes that identifies acceptable performance standards and recommended recovery strategy. Ideas to consider may include:

1. Key performance indicators of quality

2. Important factors in defining quality

3. How to measure quality

D. Recovery Project Risk Planning: Craft a recovery plan for identifying and monitoring risk. In your recovery plan, you could consider:

1. The amount of uncertainty in the project and how to deal with it

2. The threats of greatest concern

3. How each threat should be dealt with

E. Recovery Risk Control: Determine corrective actions and controls to deal with uncertainty and its impact on the project, based on your risk plan. Ideas to consider may include:

1. Appropriate quantification of the risks (probability vs. impact)

2. Contingency funding or time buffers in place to handle threats


Guidelines for Submission: Final Exam should follow these formatting guidelines: 10-page analysis report in MS Word, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in APA 6th edition; MS Project file; MS Excel file.


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