The instructions for this article: Are All Infinities Created Equal, are provided forthwith.

The student will outline the article providing examples where necessary to communicate ideas in the article. This does not mean that every single example contained in the article must be included in the article summary; however, it may be helpful for students to include some examples from the article, or create an example of your own to illustrate the idea.

The article summary should contain at least one diagram or picture helping explain complex ideas contained within the article. The diagram or illustration included in the article summary should be original work and should be generated on a computer and not hand-drawn nor penciled in. Any additions to the article summary that are performed in a freehand manner such as writing or penciling-in will cause the article summary to have points reduced from it.
The article summary should be long enough to articulate the main ideas in the article and leaving the reader with no questions as to the purpose of the article, and whatever takeaways. The reader should have.

The rubric for grading the article summary is provided below:

5 demonstrates knowledge of all main ideas; ideas are carefully explained, applied,

extended, and appropriate connections made

4 demonstrates knowledge of most of the main ideas

3 demonstrates knowledge of some of the main ideas

2 demonstrates little knowledge of main ideas, disconnected ideas, or idea does not apply to


1 demonstrates no understanding of main ideas0 no response or paper poorly written and demonstrates no understanding of main ideas
Note: Mistakes in grammar and spelling will be applied to each level.

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