Administration of Justice Organizations

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1. You will write two pages (not including your title page) expressing your current worldview in regard to the subject of Administration of Justice Organizations. This paper’s content will include how the presentation in the Module/Week 1 Reading & Study folder influences your worldview.Presentation: Basic Concepts for Understanding Criminal Justice Organizations    2. Topic: Chapter 1 Case Study – The Department of Homeland Security 1.    How does the creation of the Department of Homeland Security affect resources traditionally designated for local criminal justice organizations? 2.    Are there too few resources to fight both terrorists and traditional criminals? 3.    Who should pay the burden for investigating, apprehending, prosecuting, convicting, sentencing, and incarcerating terrorists? 4.    Should Osama Bin Laden have been taken alive? 5.    What are the due process protection questions in light of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security? 6.    Should these due process protections matter in the fight against terrorism?     Article: Principles of Effective Law Enforcement Leadership

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