Adolescent Psych Homework

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Assignment for week 7 – Learn how to apply theoretical ideas to life experience

I. Watch the film Dangerous minds

II. Answer the questions using J.Piaget’s theory of human cognitive development:

  1. Which Ms. Johnson’s students are and which are not cognitively developed in accordance to their age? (View any 2 characters and find 2 evidences of development/ underdevelopment in each of them.)
  2. Why is Ms. Johnson’s method in teaching socially problematic students how to understand poetry successful? (Base your answer on Piaget’s concept of metaphor).
  3. How did Ms. Johnson help Raul develop psychosocially? (Find at least 2 fragments to describe his personality’s growth due to Ms. Johnson’s lessons and personal influence).
  4. What deficiency in Emilio’s cognitive development became an obstacle for his psychosocial accomplishments? (Find 2 episodes to support your opinion.)

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