Ancient Egypt/ Egyptian history

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Choose ONE from the three choices below. Your essay response can be in the first person. Your response should AT LEAST1 ½ -2 typed pages.

  1. Maintaining Ma’at, or balance, is crucial to Egyptian society. How does the literature address this aspect of Egyptian life in the areas of justice, and responsibility and as Wisdom literature? Consider Tale of the Eloquent Peasant and The Instructions of Amenemope
  2. Discuss the symbolism, and use of metaphor in The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor.How reflective is the story of archetypal literature of the Ancient World?

3. Utilizing both Wilkinson and Simpson discuss the use of the Tale of Sinuhe as both literary achievement and a great piece of ‘be loyal to your monarch’

Attached is the book that might help for the essay, especially if choice #1 or #2 is chosen.

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