annabelle makes her way middle stage she starts set her self first position

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Annabelle makes her way to the middle of the stage, she starts to set her self into first position, as the music starts. A loud broad voice creeps up into her ear.”What, is that, are you kidding me, you have been training all your life for that? Head up, feet pointed, arms straight, remember like a butterfly flow, but as fearless as a tiger.” Mrs. Smith, says somewhere off in the distance, as she walked into view you could sense her discusses at the thing she has just seen. Mrs. Smith was an older looking women, with a few gray hairs here, and there. Her creamy face glowed like white snow. She had a small waist, but wider hips. This didn’t stop her from winning the dance championship, actually, it didn’t effect her dancing at all not that I could see. She was, in hero my idol, the person I wanted to become. At that moment, she was the person I loathed. Yelling at me for doing a half quarter spin, with a Double Sharpay. I would know the move, I made it up after all,”What, are you doing?” Do it again” said Mrs. Smith “Yes” of course, As Annabelle’s face turned snow white in embarrassment. As the music started up again, Annabelle was sure her was ready. Annabelle thinking through her routine in her head, thinking how she could make it better. Places were her could point her toes more, extent her legs out. As she gathered her thoughts, she looked out unto the audience, every seat filled with thousands of people, waiting for her. Everything faded away every worry, every fear, every. The spot light hit her just as she drifted farther. As the music started she slowly, took a deep breath. When she was off, as she flowed across the dance floor, all you could focus on was how she moved. The way she embodied effervescence so effortless. The spot light slowly faded on the slowly moving figure in front of you. The room came back to its state, cold dark and empty, as every seat filled back to emptiest. Annabelle, moved her head up, not seeing Mrs. Smith, her eyes glazed the back of the stage searching…. As Annabelle walked across the back of the stage, wondering were Mrs. Smith would have gone? Walking into the girls dressing room, to get her outfit off, she heard a faint, but still very loud cry. As she moved her way a round the corner, she saw, Mrs. Smith, sitting on a bench in the far end of the dressing room. Mrs. Smith, asking Annabelle, “Are you okay?” “Yes, fine darling.” Hearing the uncertainty in her voice, she moved to Mrs. Smith. Trying to moved as slow as possible, not wanting to portray any threading movements, she made her way to the bench. “What’s wrong?” Annabelle asked, just as she sat down next to her. Mrs. Smith, tears coming down her cheek,” It’s just that, “Yes what is it?”Annabelle asked. “The way you flowed across the floor, the way you move, it’s like you drift along, like you’re that one drop of rain that sees the sun. You don’t have to worry, I know your going to get where you need to go, and your not going to let anything stop you.”Thanks” says Annabelle. I don’t know what to say, as a tear dropped form Annabelle’s rosy pink face. “I know it’s been hard for you, with your mother dying, at such a young age.” Annabelle, reaching up to wipe away the tear away, “I’m fine, but, only thanks to you, if I didn’t have dance I wouldn’t have anything, I have always though of you like my mother.” Mrs. Smith, wrapping her arms around Annabelle, “Sweetie I know I have been hard on you, but it’s just I want the best for you.” “I know,” says Annabelle, “I know you will wow the judges you will get a scholarship, and you will be set for life. “I just don’t want you to end up like me,” “What do you mean like you?” “End up teaching dancing. when I know you are the one who is going to make it all the way.” “Now go get ready, you have the big performance to night.” Annabelle started walking out of the dressing room, as she clasps her hand around the handle. A man in completely black, steps out form the shadows. “I beg your patron, and who might you be?” The man slowly pulling a dark eerie grin over his ghoulish face. “I’m an observer, “Your what?”. “We come out when something important going to happen, they have been observing your life for some time. “What’s so important about my life?” Just as the last words slipped pass her lips, the man was gone. After an eerie feeling, she started to question the voice in her head, maybe I should go back throw my routine, just to be sure. “No, No, No, as she cuts her self off, “I got the whole thing down, maybe it’s just a little stage anxiety for the dance tonight,” she told her self. “I don’t have time right now, I have to get ready.” Annabelle, forced her self to push those thoughts away, It was as if they were still there, she was able to push them out of her mind. She could no longer control were they went form there. As if they were no longer her’s nevertheless, she couldn’t control what she saw. The, thought still taunting her, peeling the image back into her brain, like recalling an old photo, after about 10 minutes or so, she finally decides to not go back throw her routine. Finally walking back to go get changed for the dance, as she walked back into the dressing room. Annabelle, walks out of the dressing room wearing a beautiful white dress with red robins all over it, she steps out in front of the adduce, as a big grin wipes her face. Then Annabelle starts to dance, as she was dancing you could see how important it was to her. Finally right be for the end of her dance she dose a high leap into the air, flying off the ground, she lifted into the air. Then like a fast of lighting, As she came down she saw her whole life flash before her eyes, Annabelle had just landed right on her ankle, breaking it in 10 places. As Annabelle lay there sobbing, in so much pain. There was the observer, just as fast as he left the first time. There he was, then he was gone. He almost had that look, like he knew this would happen.

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