answer the question by following the Instructions

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challenges does America face in forging strong and stable alliance partnerships
in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria?


  • The paper should be 5 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font in Times Roman format.
  • State your argument clearly in the very first paragraph.
  • Provide a brief context for the issue.
  • Provide evidence through the use of clear examples to support your primary thesis/argument.
  • Be analytical.
  • In the conclusion, summarize your main argument.
  • Use 8-10 quality sources (journal articles, newspaper, websites), CITE all relevant sources as FOOTNOTES. All direct quotes, paraphrased words are to be cited correctly. For more on this, go to: Follow the Chicago Manual of Style Guide posted on Moodle and refer to the section on footnotes. Include specific page numbers wherever necessary. Please note that all sources should be appropriate and relevant to the topic to demonstrate that you have put in some effort in thinking about the subject seriously.

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