Answer the questions.

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1. What are some key problems with reliance on international law to govern international relations?

2. Compare and contrast the concepts of international norms and international laws. What are some factors that lead to widespread adoption of either or both?

3. To what extent do human rights agreements increase state compliance with human rights norms? What are some of the major problems with the conception of universal human rights and norms?

For each question, write more than 300 words. And the answers should use the following materials to answer the questions. Outsider materials are not allowed.


Frieden, Jeffry, David Lake, and Kenneth Schultz. 2015. World Politics: Interests, Interactions, Institutions (3rd ed.). New York: W.W. Norton.

(Chapter 11 and 12)

Mingst, Karen A. and Jack L. Snyder. 2016. Essential Readings in World Politics (6th ed.). New York: W.W. Norton. (Mingst and Snyder. Section 7 (pp. 284-309,546-557,583-596))

Shiraev, Eric. B. and Vladislav M. Zubok. 2016. Current Debates in International Relations. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Shiraev and Zubok. Sections 6.1, 6.2,6.4)

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