application 1 module

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Learning Resources

Note: Be sure to complete this module’s Discussion before reviewing the Learning Resources.

Required Resources

  • Report: America’s Children in Brief: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2008

    As you read this report, consider the following questions:

    • What is your personal definition of well-being?
    • How are children faring overall in terms of the indicators used in the report?
    • How may this new knowledge and understanding impact your professional goals and future work with children and families?

Optional Resources

  • Report: UNICEF: Child Poverty in Perspective: An Overview of Child Well-Being in Rich Countries
  • Web Site: The Annie E. Casey Foundation: Kids Count Data Center

    Note: This page connects you with state- and city-level data for over 100 measures of child well-being.

    Profiling Challenges to Well-Being

    The report America’s Children in Brief: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2008 provides an overview of how American children fare with regard to the following indicators of well-being:

    • Family and Social Environment
    • Economic Circumstances
    • Health Care
    • Physical Environment and Safety
    • Behavior
    • Education
    • Health

    These indicators were chosen because “they are easy to understand; are based on substantial research connecting them to child well-being; vary across important areas of children’s lives; are measured regularly so that they can be updated and show trends over time; and represent large segments of the population, rather than one particular group” (Forum on Child and Family Statistics, 2008, p. 2).

    After you have read the report, complete the following:

    • Select the indicator that most interests you and review that section in the report. Summarize the findings and explain why you believe this information is important in terms of understanding and supporting children’s well-being.
    • Based on your growing knowledge of child development and the early childhood field, suggest at least two factors that are key to understanding children’s well-being but were not utilized as indicators in the report. Explain your thinking.
    • Articulate the ways your definition of well-being is expanding and deepening based on what you have learned and thought about so far in the course.

    Assignment length: 2 pages

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