Aristotle and Plato, philosophy homework help

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Answer all of the short-essay questions in complete sentences. Answers should range from 1 to 3 paragraphs depending upon the question.

Ethics and Society

Present Plato’s 3rd argument that the just life is happier than the unjust life (bk IX, conclusion).

Socrates says that there are four cardinal virtues within the city and within the individual. List all four, and then pick TWO (not starting with the letter J) and say what they are with respect to both the city and the individual soul (bk. IV).

What is Plato’s argument against democracy in book VIII? Be sure to include both his social and psychological critiques (bk. VIII).

Ethics is the rational inquiry into what constitutes the good human life.

In the Republic, what is Plato’s description of the most ethical human life? On what ground does he conclude that that individual’s life is objectively better than others’? (Cave, Divided Line).

Present Aristotle’s Doctrine of Mean. Students must use at minimum two virtues to present the point. Be sure to indicate and emphasize the necessary condition for virtue (bk. II).

Recount the three kinds of friendships discussed by Aristotle in the Nicomachean Ethics. Students should list two characteristics or qualities of each and then state the key difference between good (virtuous) friendship and the other two (book VIII, IX).

According to Aristotle, what is the ultimate aim of political science and how does it work to achieve this end (bk. II).

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