Assignment 3: (WK6) Strength Program Phase 2,3,4

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Client is a working mother looking to lose weight after pregnancy.

Assignment #3

Assignment #3, you will be designing an OPT Strength Phase 2, 3, & 4
program for your client. Remember, you will continue to use the same
client that you started with in the first assignment and following the
guidelines provided by NASM.

on the goals of your client at this stage, you will design a program
using the following OPT Strength category phases 2, 3, & 4. As with
the other assignments, these components will also be used in your final
project. Strength phases 2, 3 & 4 build upon each other. You will
progress your client to phases 3 and 4 only if they meet the criteria to
progress and you will provide a timeline for this progression. Discuss
your decision in the narrative.

this assignment you will be responsible to provide the following
information regarding your client’s NASM OPT Strength Category Phase 2,
3, & 4 program:

  • Background of your client
  • OPT
    Program Strength Phase(s) chosen with appropriate rationale Including:
    Cardiorespiratory training protocols, SMR & Flexibility training
    protocols, Core & Balance training protocols, Reactive training
    protocols, Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ) training protocols, and
    Resistance training protocols.
  • Performance
    Assessment information (or performance assessment data collected) with
    rationale about how this information will inform your program design
  • Narrative
    discussing why you chose specific training protocols for your client
    and how your choices will help your client reach his/her training goals.
  • Completed OPT Template (Refer to Chapter 10 of your text book)

addition to the above, the narrative should include a brief background
of your client, their goals, the findings of the initial Fitness
Assessment & review of postural/movement issues, illnesses, previous
injury, or medication precautions, goals & and an idea of the type
of training schedule they will maintain.

of the above information must be relevant and woven together with the
client’s performance goals to build upon and develop a client specific
exercise program. Please express sufficient detail in your program
covering all acute variables such as Intensity or Weight (using Rep
maximum data), Sets, Reps, Tempo, and Rest.

submit your assignment using a combination of narrative & any
charts/graphs that you think are appropriate (see attachments). Be sure
to provide a detailed (and appropriately referenced) rationale for why
you have chosen each one of your exercises (based on the items from the
Fitness Assessment from Assignment #1 & Program progression from
Assignment #2).

the OPT Template, be sure to include sets, reps, tempo, rest, and
pertinent coaching tips & instructions. As well, in the narrative,
please detail your program and the rationale for each of the variables
mentioned above.


narrative of your paper should be at least 3 pages (no longer than 6);
of course, any charts or tables you add will definitely add to this.
Using charts and tables will help to provide visual guidance as to your
client’s health status and your thought process. Please support your
rationale for using any and all of your assessments with appropriate
academic sources (minimum of 3 + textbook = Minimum 4 References).

The writing component must meet all rules of APA formatting (6th edition) and MUST be submitted in WORD document format only.

  • title page
  • headers
  • page numbers
  • in-text citations
  • reference list

*with the title and reference pages, your entire submission will be no shorter than 5 pages.

**Also, please refer to our APUS Library for help with APA formatting.

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