Assignment: Learner Leadership Plan

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To prepare:

  • Review the chapters from Preskill and Brookfield (2009) and Northouse (2016), focusing on how you might integrate the principles of Learner Leadership into your educational setting.
  • Reflect on how the Discussion with your colleagues might modify or expand your definition of leadership.

Now it is time to complete your Learner Leadership Plan for your educational setting. Use the Learning Resources to support your understanding of the types of leadership styles present at your educational setting. What changes are needed to transform that environment to support a Learner Leadership focus? Submit a 3- to 5-page paper. Follow APA writing conventions and Walden graduate writing guidelines, provided in this week’s Learning Resources, to complete the assignment.

As you prepare your paper, do the following:

  • Include a cover sheet.
  • Use APA conventions.
  • Describe the types of leadership styles you have observed at your educational setting.
  • Explain opportunities and challenges in your educational setting for implementing a Learner Leadership model.
  • Explain what changes you would plan to make.

Length: 3–5 pages

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