assignments for communication class

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1) Read an article (from any publication) related to business. Then, write a summary about it in the following format.

Current events submissions should include the following:

  • Summary: 3 – 5 sentences (or so) that provide an overview
  • Key Points: 3 – 5 salient bullet points
  • Pros: 3 – 5 positives or affirmatives in bullet points
  • Cons: 3 – 5 negatives or challenges in bullet points
  • Viewpoint: 3 – 5 sentences (or so) with your perspective about the information read
  • Citation: source for the article

2) You delivered a presentation that didn’t go over well with the audience. Your boss is disappointed because the presentation delivery made you, your boss, and the organization appear to be unprofessional and unprepared. What should be done to move past this issue (and potentially keep your job)? Use the issue solving process steps to develop a plan to resolve this issue.

3) Read my article “It’s Time for Social Media to Have Executive Controls (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..” Then, write a reflection about this article, including whether you agree or not with the premise. Also, provide three recommendations about ways that this issue can be addressed (other than anything included in the article).

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