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800–1,000 words Details: Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) Focus on the financial aspects of your selected company from Phase 1. Your analysis will include the following 6 sections: •Financial leadership profile: Study the Web site, and look for the following information: ◦Identify the chief executive officer and the chief financial officer or other financial director. Read their profiles. ◦Look for the company’s annual report. ◦Analyze the experience of the financial leader of your chosen company. •Current Company Performance: Visit your company Web site to locate the annual report. If your company does not have an annual report, find a company in a similar industry. You may visit the following Web site for free annual reports: http://www.annualreportservice.com/ ◦Read the management discussion section of the annual report. ◦Summarize how the company is currently performing. ◦Include information about successful products or services, new products in development, customer segments, and anything else that helps explain what the company is doing. •Business risk: Use the annual report to explore the business risks faced by the company. Identify the top 3 risks faced by the company. •Financial performance: Use the annual report to find out more about the company’s financial performance. Look at the Web site for financial press releases. Study 4 quarters of financial performance of the company, and explain the company’s performance for the 4 financial quarters of the year. Write a financial brief about how the company performed financially. •Investment opportunities: Write a conclusion that states whether you would be interested in investing in your company based on its financial performance. Explain your reasons why you would or would not invest in your chosen company.

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