mario company is an 80 owned subsidiary of lois company the interest in mario is purchased on january 1 2011 for 680000 cash/

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The 2012 information shown on page 364 is available for the Lois and Mario companies.
a. Mario purchases equipment for $70,000.
b. Mario issues $350,000 of long-term bonds and later uses the proceeds to purchase a new building.
c. On January 1, 2012, Lois purchases 30% of the outstanding common stock of Charles Corporation for $230,000. This is an influential investment. Charles stockholder equity is $700,000 on the date of the purchase. Any excess cost is attributed to equipment with a 10-year life. Charles reports net income of $80,000 in 2012 and pays dividends of $25,000.
d. Controlling share of consolidated income for 2012 is $262,000; the non-controlling interest in consolidated net income is $15,000. Lois pays $100,000 in dividends in 2012; Mario pays $15,000 in dividends in 2012.
Prepare the consolidated statement of cash flows for 2012 using the indirect method. Any supporting calculations (including a determination and distribution of excess schedule) should be in good form.

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