Autism abnormalities of the neuronatomical pathways and neurophysiological function

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1. Title page in APA format

2. provide outline

3. Research a Autism the psychological disorder that appears to have a high degree of heritability. This suggests that the disorder is due in large part to genetics and neurobiology. The article that you choose should focus on the abnormalities of the neuronatomical pathways and neurophysiological function believed to cause this disorder.

Thesis: Develop your thesis statement.

This description will contain 2 or 3 substantial and thorough paragraphs explaining key concepts of the topic area.

3-5 pages APA in text citations

4. Annotated Bibliography: For this paper you need to do research in peer-reviewed journals or other journals that are considered to have reliable information (do not use sources from the secular press, i.e. Time, Newsweek, Parent’s Today). In addition to the textbook, you need at least three (3) articles from professional scholarly journals and not popular Internet sites (if you do find something on the World Wide Web, it must be authored and be a reliable source). In these journals, the research and information is either reviewed by an editorial team (such as for the Harvard Business Review) or a group of peers (such as in many journals).

  • Name of the article, including the complete bibliographic citation, using APA format.
  • This should be followed by a summation paragraph which contains the information below in sentence form and in a single, full, well-developed paragraph in third person. The summation paragraph should be a minimum of six sentences that cover:
    • Who? (author)
    • How? (was it done)
    • Contributions? (new findings, applications, etc.)
    • What were the findings? (identify the major ones)
    • What was done? (for example, an experimental study investigating the interaction of short term memory and attention)

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