Big Discussion: Share Your Media Assignment

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We are going to get creative for this discussion! Choose one of the following activities to complete and then share your creation with the class. Include a brief written description with your image. (the one below is already chosen)

  • Collage body: Using magazines or internet images, cut out body parts and create a “collage body.” This body should disrupt beauty/image ideals and norms and can take many forms (you could use various “ideal” body parts to make an ‘imperfect’ body or do the opposite or take other approaches). Some examples can be found by searching “Google Images” for “collage body.” Think about how these ‘parts’ relate to our texts and the notion of an ideal body. Share your image on the large group discussion board with a brief written description.

Please note that this discussion is worth 20 points, more than usual. I expect you to create your own image, not simply steal one from the Web that someone else created. If I can find the image elsewhere online, you will not receive credit for your topic reply. Topic replies are due on Wednesday by 11:59 p.m. Two peer replies are due by Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

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