Body shaming

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Prompt : many mental health experts are concerned that excessive Internet use can lead to health issues, such as depression and anxiety. What are some ways to avoid these consequences ?

Topic : Body shaming

Typical method of organization ( an example )

– Introductory Paragraph : introduces the topic and prepares the readers by including : hook, background info, thesis statement

– Body Para #1 : Describe the problem in more detail by stating

+ What the problem is ?

+Who it affects and how it affects them ?

+reasons why is it still a problem

-Body Para #2 : Describe the proposed solution to the problem by including

+ a clear description of the solution

+reasons, evidence, or examples why the solution would work

-Body Para #3: explains why another solution would not work as well as describing

+an alternative solution

+why some people think it would work

+reasons and examples to show how this idea will not work as well as the proposed solution

-Concluding paragraph: brings the essay to the close by

+restating the thesis and the main idea of each paragraph

+reminding readers of the importance of the topic

+ending with a recommendation of something people can do to solve the problem

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