Briefly describe your and your family’s cultural heritage, psychology homework help

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Awareness  of Your Cultural Heritage

Briefly describe your and your family’s (either birth or adopted) cultural heritage (for example, your paternal grandparents immigrated to the United States from Italy, and your maternal grandparents emigrated from Ireland).

Does your family have one or more religious or spiritual traditions?

What aspects of your cultural heritage have resulted in privileges or discrimination and oppression for you and your family?

Analyze how your cultural heritage may potentially impact effective counseling practices. How might it contribute to your ideas about the purpose of counseling, role of the counselor, and approaches to therapy that you will be using in your work with clients from diverse backgrounds?

Consider potential barriers or opportunities your worldview could present in counseling a client of a different:

Ethnicity or race.


Socioeconomic status.

Strategies to Overcome Your Cultural Competence Limitations

Identify and describe at least one strategy to address each of the aspects of multicultural competence (awareness, knowledge, skill) that would be important to apply in ensuring that you eliminate barriers to competent counseling practices that may come from your own cultural characteristics, attitudes, and beliefs

Your paper should be 3–4 pages long and should include 3–4 references from current peer-reviewed journals (one source may be the course text). Use current APA format for all citations and references

Just some thoughts down regarding my mother, grandmother and aunts thought systems based on their background and history.  For instance you know margaret didn’t even like white people in her house.  And how the family was taught to control or hate Men.  Mother ended up having 3 kids but decided she was gay. Mother hates all men especially men that are light skinned.  Mother controlled all 3 of the daughters relationships including financial and how the men were treated.  Oldest daughter becaame addicted to drugs and was promiscuous was molested at a young age and had 3/kids of her own.  Mother.damaged her because she was incapable of making real world decisions on her own.  Muddle daughter was always told she was pretty and she escaped when she was 18 off to college. Married j to a dominant jamacain family but accepts the fact that she is in charge andnher husband does what she says.  She has no string relationship with mother looks at oldest sister as mother figure for obvious reasons.  Also mother was drug addict and made oldest daughter take care of house and kids from 10/and up.  Also had sex with kldest friends and oldest was first given drigs from mother which strung her out.  Youngest in her early 49 now takes care of men in jai and lives with mother.  Mother.babies her because if guilt.  Youngest was left with boyfriend at age. 16 pregnant and living with boyfriend drug dealer that mother controlled.

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