BUS 599 – Discussion Response

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“Thirsty for the Triple Bottom Line”

Please respond to the following:

  • Watch the following videos:



  • Evaluate Seth Goldman’s leadership performance on the concept of the “Triple Bottom Line” using at least two (2) examples from each resource to support your evaluation.

The Triple Bottom Line is a concept that seeks to broaden the focus on the financial essential point of firms to include environmental and social responsibilities. Seth Goldman’s leadership is well aligned with the Triple Bottom Line due to the direction that he has set for his firm to follow. He has led his company away from the traditional trends in that his product purposefully provides an alternative to the sugary drinks that the society is accustomed to.

The video “How Society Can Change Entrepreneurs” shows Goldman talking about two topics that assisted him to develop the responsibility of adopting a non-traditional business path. Even though firms usually find solutions to simplify procedures, they at times fail to anticipate the challenges that may result from these changes. Seth experienced this on his visit to China’s Tea Gardens, where he learned why the native people protect their lands. From what he learned, the best way to protect our environment is never the simplest way. Yet, he talked about the learning challenges faced by his son and how setbacks from progressing may result from misdiagnosis. Rather than the following recommendation, it is important to view the problem from a different angle and then creatively find solutions that may help ix them.

Goldman talks about the key values that channel the company to follow its mission in his interview with Dr. Woody. The objective is to alter how people think and make better decisions. Being able to enact a partnership with a huge beverage conglomerate while continuing to do business with the same strategy enables the form to be flexible in expanding its brand while remaining focused. He also talked about altering the distributors’ perception of his product. From his explanation, one does not have to like the product to distribute it. Well, the consumer is prioritized. It, therefore, goes that one must think at a broader context from his or her perspective.

***You made good points in your response. How can you take the information from the videos and apply it to your NAB? Is there a particular area that you found to be particularly applicable? I look forward to your thoughts and ideas.


Dr. Pogue


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