Business Environment Studies

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Task: Choose a business organization based in Oman (from provided list), do a PESTLE analysis and conduct a report about your findings. Present the results of your findings in the class. Below list includes the main areas that should be covered in the report:

1. General description of the chosen company (history, nature of the business etc.)

2. Explain the form of business ownership of the selected company and discuss 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of this type of business.

3. Create SWOT’s analysis for the chosen company.

4. Do a PESTLE analysis for the organisation selected.

5. Transcript of interview (questions and answers) should also be submitted as part of appendices. This shall carry .

Important instructions:

1. The choice of an organisation should be approved by the professor.

2. For the assignment, you are expected to use different sources of information – primary and secondary data.

3. The total word count is approximately 1000- maximum 1500 words.

4. The report should contain a title, table of contents, introduction (goal and objectives of report, main sources used, structure…), body (answers to all questions of the assignment), conclusion (revealing all findings, directly related to objectives, highlighting challenges), list of references, appendixes.

5. Adequate referencing (use Harvard style of referencing) should be done in the report.

6. Late submissions: Penalty for late submission: 5% of the maximum mark specified for the assesnt will be deducted for each working day.

7. similarity less than 5%

Not :

This company I have chosen

Title Company :Galfar Engineering & contracting

The company’s website :

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