business ethics 79

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These films come from many genres, including comedy.Many should be available in our library.Others should be available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play, etc. Renting of some of them may be the only incidental cost of this class.Your job is to watch them – and then find a way to review them (two pages double-spaced for each review) that shows you’re seeing the ethical problems shown in the films.It should be partly fun – and partly serious education. Not all the suggested questions will be relevant to every movie in that category – and are provided only as suggestions to get you started.

Write a two page paper on any of these films. You can pick ANY one of the listed films and make sure to answer the questions and show the ethical problems shown in the films. It is a business ethics class. I will post the questions and movie choices below.


What roles do activists and journalists play in assuring that corporations are ethical – or at least not evil?How does an educated population fit into activism?College reproduces many aspects of broader society when it’s working – what are those?Why does the government view some activists as terrorists – and others as acceptable?

Movie Choices:

Norma Jean; The China Syndrome; Broken Rainbow; All the President’s Men; Higher Learning; Waco: The Rules of Engagement; You Can’t Be Neutral; Control Room; This is What Democracy Looks Like; The Awful Truth Season 2; The War at Home.

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