Business law exam

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Multiple choice and true and false questions only


Natural Law: p. 2 & p.61.

Adam Smith & Thomas Jefferson

Sources of law: p.90-93 and p.98-114.

Due process: p.22-27, p.34-35 and p.315-317.

Substantive & procedural

Jurisdiction: p.126-136.

Civil Procedure: p.12-22 and p.154-177.

Rules of evidence Summons and default judgment

Leading Jury selection & challenges

Motions Discovery

Trial & appellate courts: p.123-125.

Bench trial

Preserve error

Criminal law and procedure: p.254-302.

Ex post facto law Privacy

Warrant Entrapment

Solicitation Grand jury

Damages: p.226-233.

Compensatory and punitive

Real property: p.448-471.

Rights to air space

Economic development takings

Personal property: p.475-478.

Intentional torts: p.404-423.

Defamation v. invasion of privacy

Negligence: p.423-432.

Actual v. constructive knowledge

Contracts: p.362-387.



Rescission a

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