business management and organization individual project.

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Throughout the course, you have been learning more about management and organizational behavior. To enhance your in-class learnings, you will research a management topic of interest and write a 5-6 page paper (~1500 words), max 6 pages. Use at least 4 peer reviewed articles. Turn in your paper to Canvas by Nov 16 (Double Spaced, Times Roman, size 12) and turn in a hard copy to my box (BT 650) by November 17th 3pm (Double Spaced, Times Roman, size 14).

There will be a brief group activity where you will share your findings with your classmates. AttachedView in a new window is a list of pre-approved topics. If there is another topic of interest, please see me. The objectives of this research paper are the following:

  • Gain insights into real world management and leadership practices, issues, and trends.
  • Learn from each other about important management topics.
  • Gain experience in presenting findings to small groups.

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