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  • Research McDonald’s social and environmental policies and the industry best practices
  • Identify and analyze what you think are the three most important social and/or environmental policies that could impact our company.
  • Do some additional research and recommend an improvement to each one of our current practices. From your recommended improvements
  • Pick the one you think is most important
  • Expand that one in more det
  • Tell me the next steps we should take to put that one recommendation into place

Step One: Research What We Do: Find 3rd Party Data

Start by determining what the company is currently doing in social and environmental responsibility.

  • Where are we considered strong in the area of corporate social and environmental responsibility?
  • Where are we considered weak?
  • How do we compare to our competitors? What are our various rankings or percentage quartiles in key indicators?

The data you find should lead to three key recommendations. Remember that just as before, you’ll want 3 – 4 data points for each recommendation.

Step Two: Draft Your Recommendation Headings

The research (and identified data points) should lead you to a set of recommendations of how we can improve what we do to leapfrog the competition or offset market concerns and move closer to industry best practices for corporate social or environmental responsibility.

The primary recommendation should be a sentence that states your main point. It needs to make very clear what position you are taking.

Remember that recommendations are not statements of fact. They are assertive statements that are your proposal of what should be done and why, based on the evidence you have assembled and analyzed. Recommendations result from research and your own critical thinking and analysis of the options.

Step Three: Develop YOUR Analysis in your own words:

In your own words, analyze the data. This should be in two – three sentences.

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