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Study Chapters 7 and 8 in your textbook, with some emphasis on pages 159-168. These concepts are critical to successfully creating value for your organization’s(Mc Donalds) stakeholders. You should have already deduced that Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategy are important. If not, then go back and do the last three assignments over again.

Mc Donalds USA is my Organization in this assignment.

Using the “Critical Question Analysis” strategy tool, and thinking in terms of value to your customer, develop the beginnings of a strategy to achieve the mission of your organization.

Type your 2-4 page response as an APA-style essay an include APA-style references. You do not need to include a title page for this assignment. Grammar, spelling, and quality will influence your grade. The Gangwish Library provides a guide to APA writing and excellent resources.

Text book reference:

Modern Management, 14th Edition

Author: Samuel C. Certo
VBID: 9780133846690

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