methodology section

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What: please describe how you plan to carry out your research project.

Why: This assignment is meant to prepare you to gather data for your research project. You will be able to use this assignment in writing your final research paper.

How: Main Instructions: it has two parts

Part 1:

  • Start by stating the topic of the research project.
  • Follow with a research question you plan to answer. ( include a research question related to the research topic)
  • Address all the bullet points listed here:

Part 2:

  • You should look and for one or two newspaper published abroad and compare it with topic covered and state (what was the similar? What was different in the topics they covered?)
  • Please name the newspapers you are going to look at. This requires looking up the newspapers online and checking if those newspapers actually have any stories about Expo2020.If they do have news stories about Expo2020, please include the number of those news articles.
  • Include a description of the participant and/or observation(s) characteristics (including eligibility and exclusion criteria and major demographic and/or descriptive characteristics.)
  • Explain how sample size was determined and what sampling procedures were used for selecting participants and/or observations.
  • Explain what was the intended sample size and the actual sample size if different from intended.
  • Explain the type of research instrument and/or procedure used, how was it used and in what setting/location.
  • Explain how ethical standards were met.

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