john locke 2

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From the list of questions below, please answer question 1, question 4, and either question 2 or question 3.

The writings are based off of the follows writings:

– Political Writings of John Locke edited by David Wooten

– The True Believer by Eric Hoffer

– The Federalists Papers by Hamilton, Madison and Jay

Answer questions One and Four and a third question of your choosing.

Should write about one page per question.

1) Explain how John Locke attacks the concept of Absolutism through his theories of Natural Rights and The Social Contract. Explain these two concepts and what action does Locke further advocate if a government violates the Contract and/or our Natural Rights??

2) Explain Locke’s theory of Property in all its broad facets and what is the proper role of government in respect to the right of property.

3) Explain the doctrine of Laissez-Faire as defined by Adam Smith (i.e. The Invisible Hand) and the Physiocrats ( i.e. The “Natural” Cycles) Explain the supposed benefits of the doctrine. How do they differ in this respect to Locke? Specifically; how do they differ (from Locke) when it comes to the role of government?

4) How do the Founding Fathers expand on Locke’s doctrine of limited government ? E.g. Madison’s Theory of Competing Factions both in Government and in Society. Relate it to the experience of the American Revolution as opposed to Locke’s experience in the English Revolutions.

Professor’s General Instructions:

Answer and number each question separately. Also watch for punctuation and grammar. The harder it is for me to read or understand the harder it will be for me to give you the grade that you deserve. You need to be thorough with your answers but stick to the point. Expand where ever it will help to show your reasoning and understanding of the subject matter—in other words one word or one sentence answers will not do. One paragraph is also rarely enough. On the other hand ,don’t be too wordy or drift into irrelevance. If you quote you must cite the source and put it in quotes­—-even if you are quoting yourself (from a previous paper or test that you submitted) or if you are quoting me from class. But also limit the amount of quotes. You will be graded on your work and reasoning, not someone else’s. You must submit your finished paper to TURN IT IN the morning before your hard cover paper is due on my desk.

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