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This is a forum question between students that needs a reply to with at least 120 words. I would like for you to use your own words. If not please cite-in-text with reference

Dreams and values are a roadmap to personal fulfillment. Dreams create an end goal for you, dreams are the reason you persevere in life. They’re your finish line, a finish line that should be reset with a new journey beginning. Humans need to have something to strive for, to give our life meaning otherwise we just go on autopilot and that’s not attaining fulfillment. I’ve personally wasted years of my life on autopilot but rebounding from that has given me a drive to persevere and attain my dreams. There is so much I would like to achieve, and life is too short. Values have helped me stay on my “roadmap” even when I have veered off it. Having strong values that you follow is key to your self-image, it defines you as an individual. Betraying a critical value you have is something that should be avoided at all costs, this is because betraying your values is detrimental to your self-image. Thoughts and reply??

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