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150 word response to below DQ with 1 scholarly source with citation less than 5 years old APA format

Percival posted Feb 27, 2019 7:18 AM



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The assessment, exam, and plan of care for women is directly related to many different social, environmental, and age-related factors. Even though there are many differences among every patient that is seen in the office, there are some aspects of the exam that are the same for every patient. A basic female health assessment for all ages, races, and socio-economic demographics consists of a complete health, mental status, substance use, and domestic and family violence assessments with a more detailed assessment of the female reproductive system (Jarvis, 2016). A detailed history is a very important step in directing the plan of care. Jarvis (2016) explains that subjective history that involves questions about menstrual, obstetric, acute pelvic pain, urinary symptoms, sexual activity, contraceptive use, and STIs are imperative aspects of history gathering for all patients. During examinations, the patient’s medical, social, and family histories should be discussed as well as comprehensive review of system for all patients (Riley, Dobson, Jones, & Kirst, 2013). Because we are talking about women’s health and not certain disease states, age range is one demographics which is going to drive the assessment, exam, and plan of care of each individual. The adolescent period is a time of significant growth and development characterized by physical changes, social changes, expectations, relationships, and thought process (Young, Davis, Schadewald, & Juve, 2013). During this early development of young girls into women, it is important to establish a strong working relationship with these individuals. Jarvis (2016) explains that the first pelvic examinations determines how adolescents approach future care and an accepting attitude and gentle, unhurried approach is very important. Young healthy adolescent tends to have few health problems but there are several common health issues that do impact a developing individual. Mental health and social issues and very important aspects of care that need to be addressed at this stage as it is important for adolescent to be accepted and have a sense of identity among their peers and lack of acceptance can lead to depression, violence, substance abuse, and suicidal ideations (Young, Davis, Schadewald, & Juve, 2013).

Diagnostic test and health screenings are also highly based off of age. Pap test with HPV testing, bone density scans, mammograms, and cancer screening are several of the topics that should be addressed based on individuals age. A pap test, for example, should begin at the age of 21 and be conducted every 3 years where as pap test with HPV testing should begin at the age of 30 (Riley, Dobson, Jones, & Kirst, 2013). Mammogram initiation is also based on age but it also has other demographic factors as to initiating this preventative service. Currently it is recommended for women ages 50 to 75 to receive a mammogram every 2 years although it can be initiated earlier if other risk factors are identified and the benefits outweigh the risks (Riley, Dobson, Jones, & Kirst, 2013).

Besides from age, socio-economic (SES) consideration are also important in developing a plan of care for women. SES encompasses income, educational attainment, financial security, and subjective perception of health and social status (American Psychological Association, 2019). These attributes can affect many parts of a patient’s life and should be taken into consideration when performing assessments, exams, and developing plans of care for our patients.


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