prompt write a short paper about 500 words reflecting on the pre columbian material we reviewed this week my favorite highlights are maize corn pyramids and quipus all of which represent technology and innovation write a paper discussing two o

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1 – Make sure you answer the question/respond to the prompt. Even if the prompt is broad or vague your paper should begin by referencing the prompt and, to a degree, at the end demonstrate how you have responded to the prompt.

2 – Balance broad observations – about the topic or where the topic fits into the broader class – with specific examples. This may be obvious but in writing you want to demonstrate that you understand the broader points of the topic and can apply them to specific examples.

3 – Offer your analysis but don’t confuse this with your personal feelings. These are reaction papers – your reaction and thoughts about the material are important. However, just writing “I like” is not analysis. These papers are about what you think – and that should be at the center of the paper.

4 – Make connections. Papers gain depth – and you show that you are thinking about the class – when you link the specifics of one topic to other material from the course. You should feel free to be intellectually creative and share your ideas – you will not be dinged for thinking outside the box.

Do Not:

1 – Write a descriptive paper that summarized the material in question. There is a big difference between synthesizing a topic in order to back up your own points and summarizing that material – do not write a book report. These papers do get credit. Remember, I put these presentations together and don’t want to read summaries of what I have put together.

2 – Aggressively use outside material. References to other things are fine, but people go overboard. As a teacher it is very frustrating to read work where people have found other sources (generally after a quick google search) and start to reference it in a paper when A – the material includes the same exact information that is already in the course, which makes it seem as if the student has not reviewed the course material B – some of the material is of low quality. So use outside material carefully and make sure it is high quality.

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